The next MBC Club, June, 23th 2014 at 19h, room A709

24 April 2014
Julie Histrimont, consultant at Accenture, will intervene on: "The apprenticeship and the socialization of the consultant: of graduate's status in...

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Candidater en ligne du 24 janvier au 6 mars 2018

Entretiens de sélections: entre le 26 mars et le 6 avril 2018

Journée portes ouvertes le 16 février 2018 de 10H à 17h


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The MBC Club

The MBC Club is a series of seminars the purpose of which is the meeting between the professionals of the consulting sphere and students.


They are organized by the Master of Business Consulting and the MBC Alumni association. A MBC Club it's:

  • A presentation: One or several professionals of consulting sphere intervene on a theme bound to social, economic and managerial implications of the new practices of management or new technologies in organizations.
  • A cocktail: the presentation is followed by a cocktail, allowing an exchange between the professionals of the sector, the students of the current and former promotions of the Master's degree.

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